The Daniel Daniel Dentistry reviews are as follows:One of the patients had a visit to a qualified dental hygienist for a cleaning and a dental check up with Dr. Crosby. He had undergone excruciating pain for a long time by the time he was able to get a visit scheduled. From the time he arrived, till  the end of my appointment, he felt bliss and taken care of. Never did he felt rushed or forgotten -- starting from the front-desk staff to the dentists in the medical practice, he had a feeling that everyone had my best interests in mind at all points of time. He never felt any pain throughout the entire medical procedure, and he (for the very first time in weeks and week) completely free of pain today. This is indeed a big change

Dr. Crosby is indeed unique, and he felt very fortunate that we met He's an incredible dentist, especially for anybody experiencing dental complaints. 

One patient had a recent dental visit to Daniel Daniel Dentistry for a cleaning and initial visit and was instantly taken in by the sophisticated decor of the office which boasted of a very modern feel, giving one the feeling as if the dental visit is going to be very enjoyable and comfortable.

The washrooms were one of a kind which is seldom observed in any other dentists offices.The walls are stacked with different types of free dental care products for example toothpastes, dental floss, mouthwashes etc. There was even skin care products like moisturizers, hand lotions and hair styling products (for the patients whose hair gets dismantled while having to get the mandatory X-Rays. They had to lay on my back for a long time, but thought the Dentist was very thoughtful. The patient thought this was very considerate and an exceedingly wonderful way to show that the dental office is a very progressive thinker as far as its customer's needs are concerned.

The wait wasn't very long to see the doctor  (very unfortunate considering the complimentary snacks and beverages at your disposal), before getting rushed to have whatever makes your teeth sick, and have it been taken care of in a very professional manner. The office seems to have different types of very sophisticated medical equipment that, which he has not witnesses at any other competitor's dental office. 

The x-rays performed up close, that is usually done in the dentist's chair was a wee bit uncomfortable, but once the medical team was informed of the same, they took constructive steps to remedy it immediately.

To add it all up, the patient looks forward to having a return visit to Daniel Daniel dentistry for a follow up and would greatly recommend this dental practice to practically anyone.

The office of Daniel Daniel dentistry is very modern, sophisticated and comforting, with comfy seats and a little snack bar with beverage and healthy snacks to chew on while waiting for the appointment.  The bathroom is awe-inspiring, with a pretty wash basin and all the paraphernalia one needs to refresh the mouth prior to the appointment, and a little vanity section with high quality beauty products to freshen up after the appointment is over. The office is reflective of the professional and detail-oriented staff and service that Daniel Daniel Dentistry offers.

One of the patient's shared his concerns to the staff prior to the initial appointment, and they considered it their goal to ensure his sense of comfort with what was happening; it included being approachable, explaining the procedure before they performed anything so one is aware of their expectations, and constantly making checks to ensure of the patient's safety.  Dr. Daniel was a great dentist; he explained his intentions in great detail, how certain factors were affecting his dental health adversely, and ensured that he was in total control of the speed of the procedure.  He detailed the patient's treatment options, and assured him that there was no compulsion on what treatment plan he should opt for; he gave the patient the selection to choose what particular option fit his schedule and costs, and claimed that he would support him as much as possible with every option.

Dr. Daniel Daniel is a very reputed dentist, and his work is perfect.  You can also opt to be notified of your next visit by text; talk about being modern! Because of his anxiety, he was given the choice to take anti-anxiety medication for his appointments, which is an added bonus for anyone requiring help getting over their personal fears and insecurities. The patient chose not to consider it, because he had to go back to work, but he had faith in Dr. Daniel and his work, and it ultimately paid off.

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